Vital Signs Report documents Victoria’s experience through pandemic, offers hope for future

Vital Signs Report 2020
The Victoria Foundation has released its 2020 Vital Signs Report.

2020 has been a year unlike any other in living memory. From the COVID-19 pandemic, to the protests and rallies for racial justice, to the immense shifts and disruptions in our professional and personal lives…our community and its residents have been rattled to the core.

But how has our region really fared during these unprecedented times? What have been our successes? Our failures? And how will we continue to recover and grow from the events of this year?

These are the questions tackled by the 2020 Victoria’s Vital Signs report, the 15th annual report from the Victoria Foundation. And just as 2020 hasn’t been a normal year, the 2020 Victoria’s Vital Signs isn’t a normal report.

The 2020 Vital Signs Report, produced by the Victoria Foundation.

“By taking a look at the results in the report, it’s pretty obvious that the events of this year have caused massive changes in how residents see our region,” said Sandra Richardson, CEO of the Victoria Foundation. “But while we reflect on the hardships of this year, I believe we should also see this as an opportunity to take a step back, reassess our values, and rebuild our community so it’s stronger, kinder and more sustainable than ever before.”

Of the nearly 1,800 people who took the 2020 Vital Signs survey earlier this year, 51 per cent said they have felt a decline in their mental health as a result of the pandemic. Also, 29 per cent have experienced a job or income loss. Of all survey respondents, 74 per cent said they feel the pandemic is a major threat to the local economy.

Along with these troubling revelations, the 2020 Victoria’s Vital Signs also looks at finding the right path forward, through a feature article exploring how our response to this crisis will determine the direction of our community in the years ahead. Pandemic Snapshots throughout the report also bring data and statistics, which when combined with resident opinions, offer a full picture of how this crisis has truly affected our community.

All this, plus the report’s lauded look at the best things and most important issues in Greater Victoria and a citizen grading of 12 key issue areas, can be found in 2020 Victoria’s Vital Signs. Find the report today at You can also look for the report at local businesses and libraries or contact the Victoria Foundation at 250.381.5532 to receive a hard copy by mail.