Vision 2020 Highlights Nanaimo's Successful Organizations and Businesses

On April 19th, the Vision 2020 Organizing Committee will be holding a Community Showcase at VICC from 4-9pm highlighting the organizations and businesses that support the 4 pillars that have led to the Nanaimo’s success and advantage. 


The organizers aim to showcase and encourage enterprise and innovation, employment opportunities and lifelong learning towards a flexible and adaptable workforce.  The trade show event will be followed by a rally including two feature speakers about embracing the change that propels Nanaimo into 2020. This event is free to attend.

In 2011 a similar style event was held featuring guest speaker Mike Harcourt; 350 residents who were keen to champion change and vitality into the community attended.  From that rally many citizens were spurred to actively participate in the governance of the community; to get out and vote! 

Donna Hais, Vision 2020 Organizing Chair and her small team of volunteers’ goal is to highlight the successes that have been achieved over the past five years and what lies ahead.  She states, “As leaders in our community and industry sectors each of us has a story of success to share.  We want this evening to be one of celebration where the community can explore, participate and have pride of place for their city.  It is an opportunity to showcase what is best about Nanaimo!  We’re calling it the Nanaimo Advantage.” 

The Vision 2020 Organizing Committee consists of a group of six volunteer business women: Donna Hais, Susan Allen, Andrea Rosato-Taylor, Marianne Turley, Suzanne Samborski  and Jolynn Green. With pride of place for their City and the brighter side of life, they wanted to shift the focus from what’s wrong to what’s right about the place that they work, live and play.  Together they have planned, coordinated, and fundraised for this event so that all can enjoy at no cost.