Viking-Made Planes Join Search for Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight

As the search mission for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 aircraft widens to the west, a major part of its efforts off the coast of Vietman has involved the amphibious equipped Twin Otter Series 400, manufactured by Sidney-based Viking Air.

The Viking Series 400 Twin Otter was selected by the Vietnam Navy for its ability to perform a multitude of roles, including maritime search and rescue. The Navy underwent flight training at Victoria International Airport through Viking’s sister company, Pacific Sky Aviation, with the program specifically designed to provide the Navy with the capabilities to conduct these types of missions, including the unique ability to land the aircraft on location at sea if required.

“We are getting regular updates from our regional representatives, and closely monitoring the situation as both Malaysia Airlines and the Vietnam Navy are members of the Viking Twin Otter Series 400 family,” says David Curtis, Viking president and CEO.

The Vietnam Navy Series 400 Twin Otter is expected to be on site for several days. Viking and Pacific Sky are following the situation closely, and are confident the Vietnam Navy will be integral to the mission utilizing the aircraft’s ability to operate at low altitude to assist in the search efforts.

“Our immediate thoughts go to the families of the missing passengers and crew, and our focus continues to be supporting our Canadian crews assisting the Vietnam Navy with the search effort,” Curtis says.