5 Reasons PiCNiC Too Is a Popular Meeting Spot For Victoria’s Business Crowd

PiCNiC Too is a hot spot for Fort Street's biz community, from the tech set to shop owners to non-profit leaders.

Photograph by Belle White.


The Unique Food Menu at PiCNiC Too

PiCNiC co-owner Melissa Perkins keeps the menu fun and inventive by creating daily salad and sandwich specials, as well as an internationally inspired brunch.


The Funky Soundtrack

Crucial to the vibe is PiCNiC Too’s Spotify playlist, curated by Jon Perkins, PiCNiC Too’s co-owner. “There is a particular sound I look for,” he says. “I stay away from pop and anything too mainstream.”


A Chance to Get Creative

Jim Hayhurst of Pretio Interactive is a regular who hopes his Jim Dandy Shandie (ginger kombucha and beer) becomes a menu item like the sandwich named for tech champ Owen Matthews.


A Place to Network

To inspire conversation outside the office, Hayhurst lets Pretio employees charge their PiCNiC coffee to his company’s tab — as long as they bring another person.


“Friendly Coffee for Friendly People”

“That’s the tone we try to set,”says PiCNiC Too co-owner Jon Perkins. “It’s not for a power-lunch but a friendly business meeting with lunch or coffee. We’re not trying to be hip or cool. It’s a comfortable environment where everyone can feel welcome, whether they’re wearing a suit or shorts.”

This article is from the August/September 2018 issue of Douglas.