VIATEC Members Elect Board of Directors for 2015-16

Victoria, BC – September 25, 2015 –VIATEC members and guests attended the Annual General Meeting of VIATEC at Fort Tectoria on September 24, 2015. They came to hear an annual briefing, to elect seven board members and enjoy a networking event. Acting Chair Colin How and Executive Director, Dan Gunn presented a review of the past year, plans for the coming year, and held the general election for the new board.
A few special resolutions were also passed to alter the constitution of VIATEC. The organizational mandate of VIATEC changed to include not just technology, but also innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to this, the name of VIATEC has changed from “Victoria Advanced Technology Council” to “Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and Entrepreneurship Council.” The acronym remains the same, with the minor change of a capitalized “E”.
Seven members were elected to the 14-member board of directors at the AGM, including the following:
Jim Balcom – Redlen Technologies
Robert Cooper – PlusROI
Ho Kim – CAMACC Systems
Bobbi Leach – RevenueWire
Alex Mendelev – TinyMob Games
Christina Seargeant – MediaCore
Brad Williams – Sockeye Technologies
They join the following returning board members:
Sage Berryman
Scott Dewis – RaceRocks 3D
Colin How – Edoc
Jennifer Jacques – Schneider Electric
Mark Longo – Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Rasool Rayani
VIATEC would like to thank the following outgoing Board of Directors (not returning):
Elizabeth Dutton –
Jim Hamilton – Insight & Innovations Consulting Services
Gerry Wight – Vivitro Labs
To see the bios of the 2015-16 board, please click here.
All positions within the Board remain the same: Ho Kim as Board Chair, Colin How as Vice-Chair, Brad Williams as Chair of the Finance Committee, Alex Mendelev as the Chair of the Governance Committee, and Rob Cooper as Chair of the Membership Committee.