Therapy Dogs Take Bite Out of Dental Work

In Harmony Dental Care has just opened its doors in Victoria and is enlisting the help of two four-legged friends to ease the anxiety many people experience when going to the dentist.

Therapy dogs Gryphon and Rigby are among the tools Dr. Alex Darrach-Cottick and his wife Kate use to provide comfort and support to dental patients of all ages.
“As the name implies, we’re trying to provide a more enlightened and holistic approach to dentistry,” says Kate, a certified life coach who opened the new clinic at 3960 Quadra Street with her husband. The Winnipeg couple moved to Victoria to enjoy the West Coast and be closer to their children, who are attending West Coast universities.
{advertisement} In Harmony Dental Care offers a wide range of preventive, restorative, and aesthetic dentistry. Located near the corner of Quadra and McKenzie, they have adopted a balanced approach to all aspects of dental care, including fair and transparent billing guided by the BC Dental Association.
“Of course we provide quality care to everyone, but we wish to extend a special invitation to those who are even the slightest bit nervous about a trip to the dentist,” adds Dr. Darrach-Cottick.

Other distinctive features of the practice include a TLC entrance, calming therapies, and a Lampe Berger that virtually eliminates the clinical odor associated with most dental offices.