Stylish Watches That Make a Statement

From rugged field watches to mid-century vintage timepieces, here are five of our favourites.

man in dress suit wearing luxury watch
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Has your budget caught up with your taste? If so these rarified watches will not just tell the time and date, but reflect your style and personality. When you’re buying a high-end watch, you’re not just buying into the look but you’re buying into longevity, an investment that transcends time. All of these watches are available in men’s and women’s sizes.


Pre-owned watches offer discounted luxury and a chance to express your own individual style. Example: This 1940’s tank-style wristwatch by Patek Philippe with an original rose patina, Breguet numerals and sub-seconds at 6 o’clock. This particular watch has seen some history and carries a wonderful vintage feel. The engraving on back is dated to 1940 and reads “To A Real Pal, Joe and Harold”.



Rolex Submariner watchRolex Submariner

Rolex’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf, was on to something when he made his company logo a crown. It has remained the king of watch brands for more than a century. The Submariner is Rolex’s most iconic design — the first diver’s watch to be waterproof to a ​depth of 100 metres (now 300 metres). Its major features, such as the rotatable bezel and luminescent display, have inspired the long line of diver’s watches that followed.


Breitling Endurance Pro watchBreitling Endurance Pro

Where Rolex is famous among divers, Breitling’s reputation comes from aviation. The company once produced cockpit clocks and even sponsored its own aerobatics team. Breitling can do both sophisticated and rugged. This lightweight chronograph is aimed at those with a “sporty lifestyle” and comes in vibrant pop colours. The case is made of Breitlight, a proprietary material that’s six times lighter than steel.



Apple Watch Series 9Apple Watch Series 9

This is arguably the best smartwatch money can buy. It has the best operating system, WatchOS, with plenty of apps to help reduce the number of times you need to pull out your phone. It has the ability to process Siri requests, making it snappier and more private. You can tap two fingers to accept or reject calls, reply to messages and start or end timers.

Omega Speedmaster watchOmega Speedmaster

Since 1894, Omega watches have timed everything from the Olympic Games to the Moon landing, and several James Bonds have worn them on film since 1995. It’s probably one of the most tested watches in the world, from shock absorption to magnetism. It’s a multi-functional, stylish watch and a quiet presence of authority in the room.