Resounding Success for Canstruction Victoria 2016

Colossal structures made completely out of non-perishable food items brought big attraction and even bigger results in the third annual Canstruction Victoria event. This year’s theme, ‘A Blast from the Past’, inspired structures that took visitors on a pop culture journey through time, with a look at memorable games, events, characters and more.
The Dahlia Society hosted the event at Mayfair Shopping Centre as a fundraiser to help The Mustard Seed from May 6-16. Canstruction organizers are ecstatic by the success of this year’s event, seeing large donations that will help The Mustard Seed through their busy summer season when food needs are high and donations are generally low.
Canstruction Victoria saw a total of 37,300 cans donated equating to 38,792 lbs of food. With cash donations of over $2900.00 the event raised a total value of $99,928.22 between cash and can donations.
“This was our third year and community interest this year was paramount in our success. We believe Victoria is truly beginning to understand how big of an impact Canstruction Victoria has on The Mustard Seed,” said Christopher Mavrikos, founder and executive director, The Dahlia Society. “Supporting families in need through The Mustard Seed is a cause that so many people want to get behind and we’re thrilled to have put on a greatly successful event again this year.”
To date, Canstruction Victora events have raised over 97,000 cans of food, which, in addition to monetary donations, equals approximately $263,475 worth of product and funds to The Mustard Seed.
“Canstruction is such an important fundraiser for The Mustard Seed,” said Allan Lingwood, acting executive director, The Mustard Seed. “We are very grateful to The Dahlia Society and all Canstruction teams, sponsors and supporters for all of their efforts to give back to our community.”
The nine teams involved in the 2016 event included St. Michael’s University School, Knappet Projects Inc., Megson Fitzpatrick Insurance with Steller Architectural Consulting, Seafirst Insurance with Finlayson Bonet Architecture, two Fairway Markets teams with Low Hammond Rowe Architecture, Sysco Victoria with Read Jones Christoferson, Low Hammond Rowe Architecture and Christine Lintott Architecture.
The Dahlia Society is a 100 per cent volunteer organization that strives to make Victoria a better place to live by helping those who need it most, when they need it the most. Every dollar raised through the Society’s innovative fundraising efforts will stay local. Founder and executive director, Christopher Mavrikos has personally raised more than $150,000 for breast cancer research, advocacy and support. He dedicates his philanthropic work to his mother Lynn, who passed away after a long battle with breast cancer in 1997. Dahlias were Lynn’s favourite flower.