Province Ensuring Long-Term Ferry Service Through Belleville Terminal

(News Release) VICTORIA — Good news for residents, tourists, and the local economy with a planned $17.4-million investment in upgrades and improvements to the Belleville Ferry Terminal to support ferry services between downtown Victoria and U.S. destinations, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Todd Stone announced today.
The revitalization of the terminal is a priority outlined in B.C. on the Move, the Province’s new 10-year transportation plan. The Province is embarking on a lease negotiation, which will see the $17.4-million project cost-shared between the Province, the Black Ball Ferry Line and Clipper Navigation Ltd.
The Province is committed to improving B.C.’s transportation infrastructure to ensure the safe and efficient movement of goods and people. The Province is working together with the operators of the MV Coho and Clipper ferries to address the much-needed repairs to both the Black Ball and Clipper wharves. Construction on the new Black Ball wharf is scheduled to begin in October 2015 and is expected to be completed within two years. Repairs to the Clipper wharf will take place over winter 2015.
The Province will also work with the ferry companies and other stakeholders on a shared vision for a revitalized ferry terminal that would make tourists feel welcome and excited to be disembarking right into the heart of the provincial capital. This and other long-term measures are being explored because the ferries provide important economic ties to the United States and create significant trade and tourism opportunities for Victoria and Vancouver Island.