Progressive Print: Page One moves to more sustainable printing process

Page One Publishing is now printing all of its publications, including Douglas magazine, at Mitchell Press

Staying on the edge of technical innovation and the changing applications of print media is no small feat. Neither is achieving a top ranking for sustainability in the North American print sector.

Mitchell Press does both.

“We’re kind of a 94-year-old startup,” says Scott Gray, executive vice president at Mitchell Press. “We’re navigating this company into the future.”

Quality and reducing our carbon footprint were both big considerations for Page One Publishing, parent company to Douglas, YAM and SPRUCE magazines. The move to work with Mitchell Press sees all of our publications printed in B.C. with paper sourced from Vancouver Island.

Thanks to Vancouver’s close proximity, carbon emissions through freight — one of the worst carbon sinks of the industry, beating the paper itself — have been substantially reduced.

Carbon metrics are a top consideration for Mitchell Press’s business decisions. Assessing its paper stock, the printer decided to significantly reduce the options available and have narrowed its inventory by around 60 per cent. It now offers only FSC (Forest Steweardship Council) certified options to ensure verification of foresting and avoidance of old growth through a chain of custody report.

This is a move that has also strengthened Mitchell Press’s supply chains, making fewer but larger orders with specific mills.

In another move towards efficiency and innovation, Mitchell Press has been developing its digital and AI-enhanced services. One recently launched project provides a website audit and data collection in order to evaluate and make decisions based on user experience.

“We’re combining data analytics and informing your print decisions,” says Gray, which he suggests could lead to more customized products. “Maybe we’ll end up doing a version of Douglas with every single cover personalized, because we have that ability now.”