Plexi-Klass Manufacturing Faces Business Increase

Plexi-Klass Manufacturing specializes in custom fabrication of plastics - and for the past month or two their phone has been ringing with new orders every few minutes.

Photo by James Macdonald // Douglas Magazine

Before COVID, the product production at Plexi-Klass Manufacturing was “all over the board,” according to owner Vic Summerfeldt. Plexi-Klass Manufacturing specializes in custom fabrication of plastics, and that ran the gamut from making display units and food bins to signage. But their manufacturing has become much more focused, due to the pandemic.

“All of a sudden, there’s a huge demand for shields,” Summerfeldt says. “We’ve actually had to put a lot of our regular customers on hold, just to produce shields for the community.”

While the protective barriers are something that Plexi-Klass Manufacturing could always make, their first big order was for Fairway Market. And the demand kept growing after that. Depending on the needs, the shields can be customized with a base or bent sides to stand, or adapted to hang from the ceiling.

“As the openings came, we would shift over to the best style,” he says. “We could see the progress from stores to dental offices and medical offices, and now we’re at the restaurants. For over a month, we were getting calls literally every minute or two. It was just constant.”

Summerfeldt believes it’s a finite market and that’s okay with him.

“For us, it’s good in the sense that our businesses has increased, but by the same token, other businesses aren’t benefiting from this. I feel a little funny about that.”

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