Past, Future of Bamberton to be Celebrated

In a year celebrating the 150th anniversary of Victoria and the 100th anniversary of Duncan, the former community of Bamberton is celebrating its 100th anniversary — and unveiling a look at what’s to come. 

The Bamberton Historical Society, in conjunction with Bamberton Properties LLP, the developer of the Bamberton site, is celebrating 100 years with two events. July 8 will see a celebration of Bamberton’s proud past while acknowledging the inspired future of the site.

The society will provide guided tours of the onsite museum, guided bus tours of the site, and entertainment and refreshments. The unveiling of a 100-year-old commemorative sign and announcements on the future of the site will be some of the highlights of the day as community and industry are celebrated together.

“I believe the importance of this cement plant cannot be overestimated in British Columbia’s history,” says Bob Griffin of the Royal BC Museum.

“Bamberton was the only cement manufacturing plant in western Canada from 1920 to 1956 and supplied cement for the construction of many buildings in Vancouver and Victoria as well as docks, airports, dams, bridges, and projects around the world.”

Bamberton Properties LLP, the current owner of the site, has been working with the Cowichan Valley Regional District to re-zone the property over the past six years. At the April 11 Cowichan Valley regional board meeting, the development plan was approved, allowing future growth and opportunity at the Bamberton site.

“We are very appreciative of the support by the community as expressed by the CVRD board,” says Ross Tennant, Bamberton Properties LLP development manager. “We look forward to helping develop the local area, and feel privileged to have this expression of confidence.”