ParetoLogic Founders Launch Daily Deals Venture

ParetoLogic Inc. founders Elton, Myron, and Adrian Pereira, along with co-founder Don Wharton, have teamed up with Jeremy Nichele and Matt Kyska to launch Wonton, an eclectic shopping website showcasing local activities, performances, fine dining, and adventures in Vancouver and, soon, in Victoria.

Like Groupon, Wonton offers daily deals at local businesses. It launched in Vancouver on Aug. 10 and this fall will be offering deals in Victoria.

The company says it strives to bring a friendly, relationship-building approach to helping local businesses market their goods and services.

“We know that Vancouver is one of the coolest places to live, and there are so many thrilling things to do here. That’s why we want our launch to focus on fun because that’s the type of audience we want to attract,” says Nichele, CEO of Wonton.

Wonton is focusing its efforts on several promotions, including contest giveaways and beach parties, in order to pique Vancouverites’ interest in their services.

Of their efforts thus far, Nichele says: “We’ve already given away a thousand-dollar shopping spree, a limo ride for five friends to seven of our merchants’ adventures, and we will be giving away free Wonton activity offers every day to coincide with our launch. We want to impress our customers with our fun-loving vibe, and the public has been very receptive to us thus far — it’s exciting.”

{advertisement} Wonton hopes its beach party campaign will allow the company and its staff to become familiar with many local residents. “We want to be friendly faces with names — more like a family, rather than a company,” says Kyska, who will serve as Wonton’s CTO.

“We are passionate about what we do and are excited to bring our fun and friendly services to the Vancouver community, and we hope that Vancouver is excited, too.”‘

Wonton partner and co-founder Elton Pereira echoes the sentiments of Kyska and Nichele: “Having seen this company grow from where it was to where it stands now makes me unbelievably proud.

“We have a group of insanely talented individuals who work for Wonton and each of them embodies what this company stands for: passion for life, pride in work, and utter satisfaction in providing the best experiences and entertainment that this beautiful city has to offer.”