Furniture Store Focuses on Sleek and Chic

Sleek, chic, and small are the buzzwords at Parc Modern Interiors on Herald Street in the Design District.
The husband-and-wife team of David and Jody Adelman opened for business in late 2010 and are focusing on metropolitan, contemporary condo-size furniture and furnishings they say are easily found in markets like Vancouver, Toronto, and Los Angeles, but not so much in Victoria — until now, that is.

“If I had a microphone in here and could record what people are saying, it’s usually, ‘Oh my god, this is just what we need in Victoria.’ It’s music to my ears,” David tells Douglas.

{advertisement} He owned and operated a design firm for a few years but has roots in the furniture trade that stretch back 30 years to the family business in Winnipeg. “I was born into this,” he says.

He and Jody have been in business together for 20 years and moved to Victoria some time before opening Parc Modern so they could pinpoint where the “void” in the market could be found.

“We’ve tried to open something to fill that void,” he says. “We’re showing living rooms, a little bit of dining room. We’re trying to educate people to invest a little more upfront in quality.”

Parc Modern plans to show primarily smaller-scale, condo-size furnishings, but has access to larger pieces to suit customers’ needs.

“We don’t do ‘puffy’ here,” says David. “We’re trying to appeal to condo buyers, but even if they don’t buy here, we make sure they get what they want, no matter where they buy it. I’ll send them where I have to, because chances are they’ll come back here when they do need something I might have.”


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