New Resource Helps Businesses Easily Give Back During COVID-19

HeartPress’ new program “COVID-19 Companies Who Care” matches local businesses with charities in need.

HeartPress #BrokersOfGood has set up an easy way for businesses to donate their resources to charities during COVID-19.

Victoria-based HeartPress is asking all local businesses who can give back at this time to come forward, register and list any resource they have to give, whether it be time, money, supplies or services. HeartPress then matches the business with an organization in need, free of charge during COVID-19.

Beyond financial support, charities are looking for IT services and donations of technology to support new remote ways that they must deliver their programs, various specific items for sanitation and personal hygiene, and pro-bono services for their scarce marketing and administrative resources. The list goes on and HeartPress continues to receive new requests from charities daily.

Learn more about how HeartPress is matching companies who care with charities during COVID-19. Visit