New Digital Content Marketing Trends and How to Use Them

Ghostit, a local digital marketing solutions company and a past 10 to Watch Winner, shares the latest content marketing trends and how to use them in your business.

Ghostit business partners Peter Mirmotahari (L) and Rahul Bhatia (R) in the Ghostit Office.

With COVID-19 forcing many businesses to shift their sales and marketing focus to their online presence, we asked local digital marketing company Ghostit to share the latest digital content marketing trends and how you can utilize them for your own online marketing.

Digital marketing is any form of marketing that uses digital technology to promote businesses, products, and services. Digital content marketing can be anything from blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, videos, or podcasts.

The Ghostit Team working remotely.

Ghostit is a local digital marketing company (and a past Douglas 10 to Watch winner) that specializes in creating end-to-end solutions for digital content marketing, from content strategy to creation, distribution and promotion. 

“Everyone is connected via the internet, one way or another. If your business isn’t online in some capacity, it’s missing potential customers that it will never connect with”, says Ghostit co-founder Rahul Bhatia. 

The Latest Content Marketing Trends

Content that Paints a Picture or Tells a Story.
There is plenty of salesy, spammy, noise on the internet. Your brand really needs to set itself apart by telling a clear story and having strong brand values.

Engagement over Sales.
Companies are shifting away from strictly “sales” content and focusing more on establishing connections with their audience.

Increased Investment in Online Presence.
The amount of content that companies publish has also increased substantially over the past few months as more people have been consuming online content than ever before. Businesses that decided to increase investment in their online presence in the last few months are reaping the benefits, while others are being left behind.

COVID-19 Related Content.
Work from home content has been growing over the past few years but has spiked recently, thanks to COVID-19. As well as work from home (WFH) content, the “new normal” content has surged since the beginning of the pandemic, where businesses have been offering their customers advice on living life as normally as possible.

More Competition = More Specific Target.
E-commerce is bigger than ever before, both with the number of online shoppers rising and the number of websites to purchase products rapidly growing. That increase means more emphasis on targeted advertising than ever before.

How to Utilize Digital Marketing Trends in Your Own Business

Most Important:
Right now, and always, understand your customers’ needs and cater your messaging to that. Know who your customer is and make sure all the content you create is either solving a problem for them, sharing something they would find valuable, or establishing your brand as relatable for their lives and circumstance.

Keep Your Audience Up-to-Date.
If there are any vital industry changes or changes to your business that your customers should know about, tell them! Share how you are tackling COVID-19 changes or how your industry is shifting.

Answer Questions Ahead of Time.
If there are questions your customers ask often, create online messaging around answers to those questions. If you get asked “where can I purchase your product?” all the time, create a social graphic with a list of locations, or a page on your website with a store locator.

Determine Whether In-house Digital Marketing Works for your Company.
Keeping up with digital marketing trends and creating high-quality content can be time-consuming. If your team’s energy is better utilized in another area of your company, you can explore whether it makes sense to outsource the work to companies who provide customized automated programs.

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