Neverblue: Never Settling for Second Best

If you need proof that Victoria businesses are more than ready for international success, Neverblue is a prime example.

The company began locally in 2004, quickly making a name for itself as a leader in global performance-based online marketing, specializing in lead generation and client acquisition. In 2012 Neverblue was acquired by GlobalWide Media and since that time has continued to thrive. Neverblue now has close to 100 employees here in Victoria, with continued growth in their global outposts.

According to Eric Gerristen, Neverblue’s vice-president of business development, when you’re talking revenue, Neverblue is possibly the largest Internet company in Western Canada today.

Neverblue is expanding in the Asian market. What’s new and what’s next?

Neverblue’s business in Asia is rapidly expanding. [Earlier this year] we added two new business development executives, one media buyer and one affiliate manager to our office in Hong Kong. In Asia, Neverblue is strong in the travel, gaming, and financial services markets and is active in all major Asian markets. This year will also see a focus on Japan in addition to our sales efforts in China, Southeast Asia, and India.

What is the determining factor that made you move forward with this decision?

In the last couple of years Neverblue has taken a leadership position in the performance marketing business in Asia. Our moves to hire more people will allow us to better serve our advertisers, affiliates and business partners.

What are you projecting as the outcome?

We expect to add 200 new advertisers as clients from Asia this year and we will continue a very active affiliate recruitment program across the region. This year we will hold affiliate education and recruitment events in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok and New Delhi. In addition, we [held] our first-ever Asian “Out of Bounds” event in Thailand in March. Out of Bounds is a signature event for Neverblue where we take our Top 20 affiliates on an all-expenses-paid trip somewhere in the world. This is the leading event of its kind in our industry.

What have been the most significant changes since being acquired by GlobalWide Media?

Last year Victoria-based Neverblue was acquired by GlobalWide Media of Los Angeles. This process has been smooth and there is great chemistry between the two companies and very little overlap. GlobalWide was strong in email and Neverblue is strong in search, display, social and mobile media markets so together GlobalWide and Neverblue are able to offer advertisers a “one-stop” solution to selling their products and services. Since the acquisition, Neverblue has continued to hire in Victoria, London and Hong Kong. Victoria will continue to be a key component of the GlobalWide story and the Neverblue brand will continue as it has wide recognition in the global performance marketing industry.

What further changes or innovations are planned for Neverblue?

Neverblue is a leader in mobile marketing and expects to grow its mobile business aggressively from its base in Victoria. International expansion in Europe and Asia will also continue to be a focus area this year.