Mayor's High School Entrepreneur Awards Celebrate Local Youth

Last night, the Mayor’s High School Entrepreneur Awards were awarded for the first time to two Victoria High School Students by Mayor Lisa Helps.
Graduating students Melissa Tsiatas and Brandon Graham each received a $250 bursary in recognition of their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial promise, and likelihood to make a significant contribution to the local economy as an entrepreneur.
“Victoria is an entrepreneurial city. It’s in this spirit that I created the Mayor’s High School Entrepreneur Award – to recognize entrepreneurial creativity and innovation at the high school level,” said Mayor Helps. “I felt inspired and happy for the City’s future as I presented the awards to Melissa and Brandon last night.”
The new bursary program is open to one female and one male Victoria High School student in grade 12, to acknowledge and support youth entrepreneurship and to inspire young people to plant and grow their business ideas in the City of Victoria. The award is consistent with the City’s new Strategic Plan which embraces “Create Prosperity through Economic Development” as a key priority, instrumental in supporting a healthy and vibrant community.
Many successful community businesses are founded by local people with great ideas and energy. A healthy local economy depends upon entrepreneurship and innovation across a broad spectrum of business activity, and that entrepreneurship can start as early as high school.