Make the Right Call – 5 apps that increase business efficiency

Looking to streamline your business? There’s an app for that, starting with these five.

5 apps to streamline your business

The right business app can streamline operations, increase efficiency and enhance productivity — all on the go. Whether you’re managing payments, recording expenses, tracking mileage, scanning receipts or scheduling appointments, there’s an app tailored to your needs.

Minimalist is a custom home screen that replaces your default home screen. Its clean, intuitive interface is designed to support mindful phone use by directing you to your most productive apps and helping you focus on what matters. If the first thing you reach for in the morning is your phone, then this app is for you.

Asana is a kind of Swiss Army knife for task and team management. It features dedicated project workspaces and can manage several clients and groups at the same time. The app is designed as a start-to-finish program to help teams spend less time writing emails, sitting in meetings and working on assigned tasks.

Shoeboxed is a receipt-capturing app with a few nice extras rather than a general purpose document-scanning app. It starts out at a free pricing tier and is meant primarily to help small business owners and employees manage receipts and business cards. It’s dead simple to use and as long as your needs match its features, youʼll be happy.

Square is a great point-of-purchase option for businesses that are on a budget because it has no monthly fee — just pay the processing fee of 2.65 per cent per transaction (0.75 per cent plus seven cents for Interac). It’s portable, simple to use and doesn’t require any training to get started. Take payments in person, over the internet, by phone or at the farmersʼ market.

Skype for Business: If you find yourself cobbling together web-conferencing tools, chat clients and Skype to handle your communication needs, then consider Microsoft Skype for Business to simplify your setup. Just donʼt expect a full-fledged VoIP service. It’s easy to use once you navigate the maze of pricing and plan features, and can support up to 250 attendees in a conference setting.