Luigi the Lovebird is now the official “spokesbird” for IDSS

Earlier this fall, Douglas reported on the success of Luigi the Lovebird and his owner Mary McQueen, who appeared on Dragon’s Den and received investment financing for their greeting card company from David Chilton of Wealthy Barber fame.

Now, Luigi the Lovebird is set to become the official spokesbird for Island Document Storage and Shredding (IDSS), the family-owned and operated company with main offices in Victoria and Ladysmith as well as additional drop-off locations in Duncan and Nanaimo.

IDSS owners Gunn and Kirk Yardley feels it’s a good pairing since both parties are both driven by their passion for shredding.

“We invited Luigi to be our official spokesbird because it made sense; he will help us create a fun profile in the communities we serve and with the people who want the best locally owned document shredding service on the island.”

Luigi already has a dedicated blog on the IDSS website and is tweeting on @LuigiShreds.

Luigi’s owner and the force behind Hand and Beak is Mary McQueen, and she expects fun results from the partnership. “The reason I started Hand and Beak was because Luigi was so dedicated to his paper shredding.  Something of his earnest spirit seems to cling to the paper!  I am absolutely thrilled at our new relationship with IDSS and can’t think of a more perfect fit for two entities so serious about shredding!”

David Chilton, author of The Wealthy Barber, is the “Dragon” behind Hand and Beak. He’s a big fan of the little bird and excited about the deal with IDSS.

“Luigi is famous from coast to coast! Over the last four weeks I have spoken in every province and it’s truly crazy how popular that little bird is. The “Hand and Beak” pitch is one of the most memorable in Dragons’ Den history and that’s saying something.”