Island Motorsport Resort Revs Up for Spring 2016 Launch

Set in Vancouver Island’s temperate and scenic Cowichan Valley, the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort (VIMR) is on schedule to become Canada’s premier, all-year motorsport facility. Opening in spring, 2016, the resort will offer enthusiasts up to 350 driving days per year in which to enjoy the full potential of their performance cars.

Designed by internationally renowned design firm Tilke GmbH & Co, the circuit at the VIMR will provide the novice an opportunity to gain proficiency, while challenging the accomplished driver.

Phase One is comprised of 19 corners and elevation changes of over 25 metres. When Phase Two is completed, a total of 4.21 kilometres of track will be available. Speeds of up to 200 km/h will be reached on the high-speed sectors of the circuit in the first phase.
Driver safety is a priority. State of the art run-off areas provide an opportunity to make a correction, with tire barriers and guard rails in reserve, enhancing the protection of both car and driver.

Members travelling to Vancouver Island to enjoy their membership will be able to choose the convenience of leaving their car at the VIMR in a secure and temperature-controlled storage facility. With this add-on option, cars stored at the resort will be maintained to track-ready condition by specialists, providing the member full use of their car when their schedule allows, with minimal personal effort for repair and maintenance.

Factory trained technicians representing Alfa Romeo, Audi S-Line, BMW M, Mercedes-Benz AMG, MINI JCW, and Porsche will be available to provide the expertise in keeping modern track cars in perfect running condition. Repairs and maintenance will be completed in the time between member visits to maximize their time driving.

Members who enjoy vintage sports and racing cars will have the opportunity of having their cars maintained and repaired by Rudi & Company, a world-renowned specialist in the restoration and repair of the world’s great cars. Assistance with the delivery of a member’s car to the resort may also be arranged with trusted transportation partners.
An exclusive 14,500 square foot clubhouse will offer a complete range of services to its members. Members, and those attending larger functions, will enjoy a restaurant featuring the very best of Vancouver Island ingredients.

The clubhouse, which offers thoughtfully considered amenities, will provide a comfortable atmosphere in which to relax between driving sessions, and will become a second home for members and their guests. Well-appointed changing and locker rooms will enhance the member’s experience.

Members travelling to Vancouver Island will have the option of staying with our partner hotel, conveniently located equidistant between Victoria and the VIMR. The partner hotel is just a 25-minute drive to the VIMR, and the sights and attractions of Victoria. Members and their guests will enjoy the variety of activities available to them. Shopping, sight-seeing, local winery tours, and a variety of outdoor sports activities will provide ample choice to satisfy the interests and needs of individuals, couples, and groups.

Apart from booking traditional reservations with the resort spa and restaurant, the concierge service will be available to book VIMR driving sessions, rounds of golf at local courses, fishing charters, and any other arrangement that will enhance your stay on Vancouver Island.

VIMR members will receive enhanced Priority Booking Privileges, allowing for advance reservations.

Working in partnership with the ten performance automotive brands which the German Auto Import Network (GAIN) represents, their dealer networks, respective dedicated driving programs, and the partner hotel and spa, the VIMR will welcome enthusiasts from all over North America.

The Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort is a unique facility set in one of Canada’s most picturesque locations. Membership details will be presented in the next few weeks and can be found on our website at