Greater Victoria Harbour Authority purchases Hyack Terminal

The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority (GVHA) has purchased the Hyack Terminal assets from Victoria Harbour Flight Centre Limited Partnership which includes Ledcor Air Limited and Victoria Harbour Flight Centre Limited.

The purchase includes all floats and buildings, as well as the business and domain names of Hyack Air. The Hyack Terminal and floats off Wharf Street, below the Victoria Regent Hotel, are located on a water lot owned by GVHA. The terminal is situated between GVHA’s Johnson Street and Wharf Street marinas. The facility primarily provides private seaplane charter flights for fishing and scenic air tours.

Although the Hyack Terminal’s  operational activity will remain the same in the short-term, GVHA envisions future consolidation and reconfiguration with both the Hyack Terminal and its adjoining properties. In the coming months, GVHA intends to reach out to the City of Victoria, the Provincial Capital Commission and other key players to develop a vision for this portion of the inner harbour.