Drivewise fosters safe, responsible, confident new drivers through innovation

Drivewise BP - Nov 2023
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In the sprawling landscape of driver education, one name has remained steadfast as a pioneer of innovation and excellence: Kate Harris, the driving force behind DriveWise BC. With almost half a century of experience, DriveWise BC has consistently equipped new drivers with not only the necessary skills to pass their tests but also the knowledge and confidence required to navigate the ever-evolving complexities of modern roads in British Columbia.

Kate Harris’s vision extends far beyond her own driving school. Her latest venture, the Affiliate Driving School initiative, embodies her unwavering commitment to expanding road safety education throughout British Columbia. By forming strategic partnerships with other driving schools in the region, Kate aims to extend the reach of DriveWise BC’s proven programs to a wider audience.

Kate Harris explains, “There are so many driving schools out there since COVID-19. This way, we can partner with schools that meet our expectations and share our programs all over BC! This concept also helps prepare the often smaller schools on our innovative programs we have created over the 48 years we have been in business.”

The Affiliate Driving School initiative not only promotes collaboration among like-minded educators but also ensures that new drivers across the province receive top-tier training and preparation for the road ahead. DriveWise BC’s commitment to innovation doesn’t stop there. They have recently earned recognition as one of the first driving schools in B.C. to be licensed by ICBC for e-learning in their full driving program. Through platforms like Zoom, they can now educate new drivers anywhere in B.C. The classroom portion of the program is conducted online with DriveWise instructors, while accredited DriveWise driving instructors in various locations handle the in-vehicle training.

With an expanding team of instructors and accredited affiliates, DriveWise BC is upgrading its technology to meet the growing demand for comprehensive driver training across the province.

Kate Harris’s overarching goal is to increase the percentage of young people taking driver training across British Columbia. She believes in empowering new drivers to feel confident and skilled behind the wheel by making it more relevant, accessible, and convenient. “Each student that feels empowered to drive safely is a win for our team and a great thing for road safety in British Columbia,” she states.

In a world of constant change, DriveWise BC and Kate Harris continue to lead the way, revolutionizing driver education and ensuring a safer future on the roads of British Columbia.