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Vancouver Island Wins Big
Matador Travel recently rated Vancouver Island the world’s top adventure destination.

We all know how great the Island is for adventure sports. Sailing, surfing, rock climbing, skiing, hiking, fishing, snowboarding, kayaking, white water rafting, parasailing, skydiving — we’ve got it all. And recently, we were recognized for our thrilling offerings.

At their annual travel awards, the world’s largest travel publisher Matador Network ranked Vancouver Island the world’s top adventure destination, outranking nine contenders, including Moab, Toas, Belize, Antarctica and New Hampshire’s Green Mountains. The win is based on Vancouver Island’s performance in ten categories, including accessibility, range of experiences, cost, seasonality, access to guides and visitor reviews. 

“Many adventure travel destinations are famous for doing one thing really well,” writes Matador in a website post about the Island’s win. “Then there are the adventure travel destinations that offer a wide range of experiences, all at a high level. Vancouver Island … falls into the latter category.”

Watch Matador’s video announcement here or read about it on their website.


Economic Lens: A Call for Greater Victoria 2024 Optimism
What we can be optimistic about in Greater Victoria for 2024.

By Dallas Gislason

We’re all familiar with the doom and gloom outlooks and the barrage of cynical takes easily found by opening a social media platform. But what if we started each year focusing on what’s working — with an optimistic view of changes and trends? Sure, there are challenges facing us (many, in fact!). But with every challenge comes opportunity. Here are some positive trends and opportunities I hope will help paint a brighter future for our Greater Victoria region — and maybe it will become even “greater” in the future we collectively create.

Read the full story here.


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