Daniels Lands $2.7-Million Taiwan Deals

Radio systems provided by Daniels Electronics have been approved by the Taiwanese Civil Defence Command Center. Combined with systems provided to the Taiwanese National Fire Agency, the deals represent $2.7 million in new business for the Victoria-based company.

Daniels Electronics is a leading global supplier of high-reliability Land Mobile Radio (LMR) equipment. These orders for MT-4E P25 digital radio repeaters, the company’s latest generation of firmware-based digital radio technology, will be used by both Taiwanese agencies to expand the country’s nationwide emergency communications warning and response network.

The Taiwan Civil Defence Command Center (CDCC) is responsible for using the national civil defence alerting system to warn Taiwanese citizens in the event of national emergencies ensuring that safety of property and life. Similarly, The National Fire Agency (NFA) has national responsibility for fire fighting, ambulance services, and emergency response in the event of a natural disaster. The need for a comprehensive nationwide radio network to coordinate response efforts was well understood and critically important with the increasing number of severe typhoons that Taiwan experiences annually.

Daniels is providing these radios through its local system integration and engineering partner Harbinger Technology Corp. who will oversee the system design, installation, and life-cycle maintenance. The entire network is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2012.

{advertisement}Harbinger Technology’s team of engineers have been working with the Taiwan Civil Defence Command Center and the National Fire Agency over the past three years to determine the agencies’ immediate requirements as well as long term communications evolution plan. The objective of both systems is to provide siren alerting as well as encrypted digital communications for first responders on the beaches and other points at risk in the event of a natural disaster such as a typhoon, earthquake, tsunami or flood.

Once the requirements were understood, it was clear to the managing director of Harbinger Technology Corp., Alan Teoh, that Daniels Electronics was an essential part of the design of the radio network.

“We have worked with Daniels Electronics for over a decade on a variety of projects in Taiwan and we have always found their products to be of the highest quality, a proven reliable design and a product that is easy to install. We also needed Daniels to work closely with us in coming up with a custom solution to meet the advanced requirements of our customers for digital encrypted communications,” says Teoh.

“For such a critical application as the backbone of this national emergency response radio network, we knew that Daniels’ products would meet the requirements of the CDCC and NFA and ensure years of trouble free operation in all conditions.”

“These new orders reaffirm Daniels leadership position and well respected reputation for providing reliable high performance digital radios that meet the advanced digital communications needs of public safety agencies.” says Robert Small, president and CEO of Daniels Electronics.

“The ability of a mid-size Canadian company to compete internationally shows we have the right people and the right products for continued success in the growing market of public safety and digital radio communications.”