Current Taxi Service Adds a Fleet of 15 Teslas in Victoria, B.C.

Current Taxi owns B.C.’s first fleet of all-electric taxis. The new fleet hopes to energize the industry and bring taxi services to a higher standard.

Current Taxi ambassador Brent Birch pictured here with one of the 15 Tesla taxis the company recently introduced into the Victoria. Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet.

A taxi service featuring a fleet of 15 Teslas has launched in the Capital Region and hopes to energize the industry to change. Its goal? To bring “a higher standard of service to the taxi industry” at the same price as its competitors, while also being a more environmentally friendly option.

“I recognized a pretty significant need in the industry for an elevated level of service in taxis,” says Dale Conway, founder and CEO of Current Taxi, which owns B.C.’s first fleet of all-electric taxis. “I’ve spent my whole career working in hospitality, and frankly I got pretty tired of taking my customers out of five-star hotels and putting them into one-star taxis.”

Conway says he chose Victoria as the second market for Current Taxi based on feedback from Victoria residents who had used Current in Kelowna.

“We were three or four weeks old in Kelowna and I was getting emails from people from Victoria saying, ‘We’ve been to Kelowna, we’ve used your service and we could really use it on the Island,’” says Conway, noting he hopes to expand to two or three more cities this year.

This article is from the February/March 2020 issue of Douglas.