Clipper Announces Plans for Victoria-Vancouver Ferry Service

Merideth Tall, CEO and Chair of Clipper, announced today that the company will launch their new passenger ferry service between downtown Victoria and downtown Vancouver in Spring 2017.


“Clipper is committed to getting it right,” says Tall. “We’ve built our reputation around trust, reliability, safety and customer service over 30 years of operating year round in the surrounding waters. With the wrong vessel, we know that the Salish Sea between Victoria and Vancouver can present a challenge to customer comfort. The right vessel will meet or exceed our travellers’ expectations while maintaining our high standards. Getting this right for our customers and our tourism partners is of critical importance. Expansion at this time will not come at the expense of excellence.”

Clipper will focus its immediate attention on strengthening and building new travel experiences for customers in the Victoria-Vancouver markets for the 2016 tourist season.

Clipper, operator of Clipper Vacations, is well known as the travel experts for the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada. Since 1986, Clipper has provided transportation, tours and accommodation packages for over 8 million customers. Clipper offers opportunities to experience picturesque and popular destinations such as: cosmopolitan Seattle or Vancouver, quaint Victoria, the peaceful San Juan Islands, vibrant Portland, the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and Vancouver Island.