Camosun Gets Funding for Job-related Language Training for Newcomers

The Province is supporting newcomers to Victoria who are looking for work by providing $210,992 toward English language training at Camosun College for high-demand jobs.
The Province is partnering with Camosun College to provide training for recent immigrants to help them overcome language barriers faced when seeking employment in the construction, engineering and health sectors, as well as other career and professional occupations. Better language skills will improve their employability and mean more opportunities for career advancement in their chosen sector.
The training will prepare participants for employment in an industry, sector or occupation that is currently experiencing, or is expected to experience, a labour or skills shortage over the next 12 months.
Overall funding of $2.6 million is being provided province wide to help approximately 1,200 newcomers to B.C. get language training for the job market. This language training is occupation and workplace specific and geared towards newcomers with professional-level skills to help them transition to high-demand jobs.
Funding for the Project Based Language Training is provided by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training through a partnership with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada).
Quick Facts:

  • B.C. is on the verge of a demographic tipping point. For the first time, there will be fewer young people entering the workforce than older people leaving it.
  • About one-third of immigrants say they are employed at a lower level than they were in their country of origin.
  • The Project Based Language Training program is aimed at helping newcomers with professional-level skills overcome language barriers so they can get employed in high-demand jobs.

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