Camosun College Named one of Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges

VICTORIA—Camosun College is one of Canada’s top colleges for research income according to the annual Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges report, released today by Research Infosource Inc.

Camosun attracted a total of $1,612,000 in total sponsored research income during the reporting period, an increase of 15.4% over the previous year, and an improvement of four spots in the national ranking. Now ranked 33rd in Canada, Camosun was recognized primarily for its contribution to technology, sport, manufacturing and social innovations that help small-to-medium enterprises become more competitive, productive and effective.

Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet/Douglas magazine
Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet/Douglas magazine

Four BC institutes were named to the 2015 Top 50 Research Colleges list: BCIT placed 5thnationally followed by the Justice Institute of BC at 28th, Camosun at 33rd and the College of New Caledonia at 48th. In total, these BC post-secondary institutes captured 7% of all Canadian college research funding.

College research tends to be applied, focusing on meeting the needs of local companies and organizations. “The hands-on nature of our college research offers an incredibly rich experience for Camosun’s students and faculty,” says Dr. Tim Walzak, director of Camosun Innovates.

“The primary focus of Camosun Innovates is to connect the projects we solicit to the education we provide. Every project has the potential to be a learning opportunity that challenges students and faculty to collaborate, innovate, create and learn. The added pressures of real deadlines and business objectives translate into memorable, meaningful learning moments.”

Camosun Innovates is a major sponsor of the annual Mechanical Engineering Showcase each September. “The scope of what we accomplish at Camosun continues to build a synergy that attracts clients and inspires students with our can-do attitude,” says Walzak.

Although Camosun’s funding levels increased over last year, BC under-performed as measured against the rest of the country, according to Research Infosource. “BC colleges’ performance was well below the national trend this year,” says Ron Freedman, CEO of Research Infosource Inc. in a release issued today. “Their combined research income declined by 42.8%, which under-performed the 4.8% Canadian total gain. However, on the plus side, BC institutions expanded the number of formal research partnerships by 11.7% and the number of formal projects completed by 4.1%. The number of researchers also expanded by 8.2%.”

You will find Camosun Innovates in the Enterprise Point building at the Interurban Campus. Camosun invites clients with technology or innovation needs—prototype development; productivity and automation enhancements; computer-assisted technologies; sport adaptive technologies—to contact research manager Jamie VanDenbossche.

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