Bike to Work Week Gets Creative With New Event

The popular commuter challenge is back – with a twist.

Bike To Work Week is now officially Go By Bike Week. Photo of Douglas staffer Belle White by Josh Byers for Douglas Magazine.

Victoria’s annual Bike to Work Week is adapting to pandemic-fueled change and the recent surge of interest in cycling by renaming its event and making it easier to participate.

Go By Bike Week, as it’s now called, will run September 28 – October 4 in the capital region, after Bike To Work’s May event was cancelled due to COVID-19.

With many offices still closed and employees working from home, the usual encouragement from the Greater Victoria Bike To Work Society for more people to commute via bicycle during Bike To Work Week may not garner the large numbers the event usually sees.

So, for the first time ever, the Society is opening the ride up to families and recreational riders as well, offering them the opportunity to log all rides (including recreational rides, rides to the park, grocery store etc). And, in addition to their Workplace Team Challenge, Go By Bike will also feature a new Family Team challenge.

Participants will register and log trips at a new website set up for the event. “It’s awesome, super easy to use.  Logging trips, literally, takes less than a minute,” says Adam Krupper, Executive Director for the Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society. “There’s just one catch: everyone has to re-register on the new website. And that’s critical. You must be a registered user to win the prizes and log your rides.”

For event information, visit:

To register for Go By Bike Week, visit:

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