6 Clever and Cost-effective Ways to Promote your Brand Now

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We live in a day and age of sticker marketing. Whether it is on the back of your car or on your laptop, stickers are everywhere. Sticker marketing campaigns can be used to promote anything from a brand, to an event, to just about anything else.

Nowadays, sticker marketing is not just for kids at school either! Businesses have been using stickers, decals and labels as their primary form of brand marketing and brand awareness because it is so cost-effective and clever.

In this article, we will share the top 6 trending ways that brands just like yours are using stickers and decals to set them apart from any competition, boost their ROI and gain even more visibility with customers near and far!

1. Holographic stickers make a scene… in a good way!

These attention-grabbing items are the most popular sticker marketing trend this year. Holographic stickers are printed on incredibly reflective, translucent material that refracts light and changes colors as it reflects – creating an eye-catching sticker to place anywhere you want!

Ideas for how to use holographic stickers for your business are listed here:

– Place them on your products to create a unique look that customers will remember.

– Use holographic stickers as giveaways for events, clients or even just loyal fans!

2. Die cut stickers as giveaways are also all the rage!

Customized die cut sticker printing is another common sticker promotion strategy used by businesses of all kinds these days.

Die cut sticker and label campaigns are a clever way to promote your brand, products or services. They look absolutely amazing! You can get any design you want printed on these stickers – from simple patterns like polka dots to more detailed designs such as flowers, drawings and more!

– You can use die cut sticker giveaways for building a brand and increasing your brand recognition. It’s a great way of attracting new customers! Exchange a die cut design for an email address.

– Give them away at a trade show with special orders on new or promotional items.

3. Custom keychains are back in style and hold the key to your marketing strategy!

Another hot trend picking up majorly is promotional keychains and personalized key tags. Turning any custom drawing or logo into a high-quality keychain is both functional and fun. Add it to your lanyards as giveaways or pass them out to your employees and clients as a way of increasing your marketing effortlessly. Everywhere they go, so does your brand identity. Plus, if your target audience is sporting your logo design or slogans, chances are their like-minded friends will want to check your products and services out also!

The more creative, the better. Think of designs that can become a conversation starter. Now, you’re not only worn with pride by a supporter, but also getting word-of-mouth marketing when they respond to compliments from those asking where they got their keychain from!

Collage of stickers by Sira Print4. Iron-on labels are heating up marketing campaigns everywhere!

Iron-on label printing is another great way to make your brand stand out. It’s simply labels that you print on the front or back of t-shirts, jackets and other clothing items – making them perfect for trade shows, marketing campaigns or giveaways at special events.

You can also invest in iron-on labels to spruce up your employees’ uniforms or in-house attire. They can be printed with your company logo and contact information to help you stand out from the competition.

5. Floor decals you can stand by, literally.

Floor decals have seen much more popularity this year and last with social distancing and other guidelines helping customers navigate shopping safely. However, those businesses that used this strategy learned quickly that floor decals can be used as genius marketing tools on real estate not usually utilized!

Use floor decals to highlight areas of your store like directions to the customer service desk or to your in-store clearance section! Show customers where they can find you and make the path to purchase as easy as possible while also showcasing your regard for their safety via social distancing and hand washing stations.

siraprint sticker6. Roll out the red carpet for your brand with roll labels.

Roll labels are essentially sticker labels that are printed on a roll rather than single sticker sheets. They’re also made from the same premium vinyl, die-cut materials Sira Print is trusted for. They also come in the exact same shapes, sizes and colors you can get from sticker printing online or sticker printing.

With roll labels, you can choose your quantity of stickers and peel and use as needed. Currently, we are processing a ton of roll label orders that are brilliantly using stickers to drive social media engagement.

Many businesses are finding clever ways these days to encourage customer-brand interactions through sticker campaigns on Facebook Messenger and other visual social channels. Do this for your own business by including sticker designs that fit your strong brand personality and encourage customers to share them with their friends on social media.

These are some of the top brand marketing strategies and promotional merchandise marketing trends business owners can take advantage of. Both cost-effective and clever, you can’t go wrong when you invest in sticker, label or decal marketing with us at Sira Print.

Let us know what you think about these sticker trend updates or if there’s any other sticker printing project you’d like our help with creating! Call or email with your marketing needs.