$50+ Million Municipal Government Trust Invests in Southern Interior Small Businesses

Kelowna, British Columbia: The Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT), a $50+ million trust fund, supporting Southern Interior initiatives over the past 10 years, has launched a new Business Advisory Service (BAS). SIDIT’s goal is to give small and mid-sized businesses located in the Southern Interior region the levels of business competence, confidence and contacts needed to accelerate growth.
Small business owners will agree, running a small business isn’t easy! Shouldering a business’s operational weight while navigating a path to success is a lonely battle, often waged without the benefit of informed guidance or the core business skills necessary to succeed. This is where BAS intends to fill the gaps, with a team of powerful advisors to help navigate the inherent challenges of running a small business.
“Our carefully selected Business Advisory team has been where small business owners are. They understand the unique challenges that come with running a small business.” shares SIDIT CEO, Luanne Chore. “The BAS program will provide access to many of the necessary business skills often challenging small business owners.”
To make the service even more seamless and affordable, SIDIT is investing in small business clients by subsidizing a portion of the BAS program costs. “We designed the program to be practical and affordable. We want to see these businesses thrive and we are committed to delivering a hands on advisory experience that will provide clients with tangible skills to grow their business in the Southern Interior.” elaborates Chore.
So unique are the challenges of business ownership, it often takes a business owner to understand the obstacles they face. SIDIT’s Business Advisory Service is taking a fresh approach, delivering a customized hands on experience unique to each client. “No two advisory experiences will be the same. Each client is unique, as are their businesses. The solutions we deliver need to make sense for them and need to be aligned with the specific goals of the business.” explains SIDIT Business Advisor, Alison Yesilcimen.
SIDIT’s new BAS program launches today, Sept 15, 2016. Entrance to the program is based on availability and successful completion of application criteria.
The Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust was created by an Act of the BC Legislature in 2006. SIDIT received a one-time allocation of $50 million designated for strategic investments in sustainable economic development initiatives throughout the southern interior of British Columbia. The Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust Act mandates investment in ten areas of the economy. These areas include Energy, Forestry, Mining, Olympic Opportunities, Agriculture, Transportation, Small Business, Tourism, Pine Beetle Recovery, and Economic Development. SIDIT is managed by an independent Board of Directors comprised of thirteen members – eight elected officials and five provincial appointees from the SIDIT Region. SIDIT is focused on supporting economic development initiatives that will demonstrate long-term measurable economic impact within the Southern Interior.