10 to Watch 2017: Roll.Focus.Productions

“We combine a journalistic approach to video production and simple digital-marketing strategies to ensure the videos are seen by our clients’ target audiences.”

Photograph by Simon Desrochers.

The idea for Roll.Focus. Productions began as part of a school project when husband/wife duo Mike Walker and Amanda Eyolfson were students in BCIT’s Broadcast Journalism program. In 2013, the couple launched their video-production firm as a side business while Walker worked full time as a CHEK News sports anchor and Eyolfson worked as a Tourism Victoria media relations officer.

Via word of mouth, their clientele grew, and Walker left CHEK in 2015 to focus on their business full time, followed by Eyolfson a year later.

Today, Roll.Focus. Productions is a boutique firm, whose services include video for web, mobile and TV applications, plus aerial video and live web broadcasting. Their clients include the Cridge Centre For the Family, Tourism Victoria, the Victoria Symphony and Rugby Canada.

Virtual reality, says Eyolfson, will be the next big thing, and Roll.Focus. also sees a big opportunity to showcase more of Victoria’s live events by bringing the television standard to live-stream space.

“We also want to carve out more time for projects that we’re passionate about, like mini-documentaries for causes with an important message,” says Eyolfson.

It all makes sense for a business that makes storytelling the heart of the business.

Q&A with Mike Walker and Amanda Eyolfson of Roll.Focus.Productions

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?

Amanda: Don’t be afraid to use your contacts to find new opportunities. Often, it really is about who you know. It’s the nature of business, and you can’t be ashamed of that. And if you have a business partner, especially if that partner is your spouse, you must be able to complement each other, and both be wholly committed to the business.

Mike: Always be aware of what’s next on the horizon and be client focused, because client recommendations are everything. Also, be realistic about the challenges you’ll face. You must put in the hard work.

What are you most proud of?

Mike: Our biggest measure of success is a happy client. Our clients trust us and rely on us to showcase their brand, but we need them more than they need us. Their support is vital to our business.

Roll.Focus.Productions Business Profile

Type of business: Video production and digital marketing services for businesses and organizations on Vancouver Island and nationally.

Year founded: 2013

Owners/principals: Mike Walker and Amanda Eyolfson

Employees/contractors: 2

What sets you apart? Serving the small-business market with affordable, boutique video products that strike the balance between budget and value for clients.

This article is from the April/May 2017 issue of Douglas.