True North, True Potential

How Rogers Communications helps Indro Robotics build their business.

InDro Robotics CEO Philip Reece (left), together with an InDro pilot and technician, prep a drone flight to Penelakut Island.
InDro Robotics CEO Philip Reece (left), together with an InDro pilot and technician, prep a drone flight to Penelakut Island.

InDro Robotics is the leading Canadian expert in the innovative field of drone technology. Founded on Salt Spring Island, B.C., in 2014, InDro Robotics operates commercial drones, also known as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS).

In the wake of COVID-19, InDro Robotics extended its reach when urgent help was needed to get medical supplies to remote communities along B.C.’s rugged coastline. Working with Rogers award-winning network, InDro Robotics is utilizing state-of-the-art technology and playing an important role in the fight against a global pandemic.

Previously, InDro could only use long-range radio for flying drones, which meant flying within a radio line of sight. Recently, by working with the Rogers for Business team and using their wireless technology, InDro Robotics became the first to pilot BVLOS (Beyond-Visual-Line-Of-Sight) flights. Says their CEO and Founder Philip Reece:

“With Rogers network connectivity, our drones are now able to travel more efficiently with limited interruption, and are capable of executing more tasks such as imaging, flight navigation and task management. This will enable new levels of drone ability for essential services.”

Their drones can now safely fly wireless tower-to-tower, spreading over an incredibly vast area — an advancement that has truly proven valuable in addressing today’s digital divide.

Canadian Innovation Fuelled by Inter-Canadian Businesses

Operating its drones on Rogers’ most reliable* wireless network (combined with access to the latest drone technologies and, importantly, local regulatory permissions) means InDro Robotics is even better poised to address the needs of Canadians by keeping communities connected during natural disasters or other emergencies.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and travel was restricted, the Penelakut First Nations on Penelakut Island, located in the Southern Gulf Islands, faced the challenge of dwindling medical supplies.

“Being an island community, the Penelakut Nation has traditionally relied on boat transport for access to essential services and supplies,” says Faren Charlie, Health Director for Penelakut Nations. “The InDro Robotics project presents new possibilities to serve our people faster, which will be life-saving in the face of a pandemic.”

Working closely with First Nations Health Authority and Vancouver Island Health Authority, InDro Robotics and Rogers developed a solution to use drones to transport Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), defibrillators and other medical supplies to Penelakut Island. The program is also offering training to members of Penelakut First Nation to learn the mechanics of flying and eventually become certified and employable as advanced drone pilots.

5G Forward Thinking

Rick Sellers, Rogers Communications, B.C. Region President
Rick Sellers, Rogers Communications, B.C. Region President

Rogers was the first to make 5G available in Canada, launching the country’s largest 5G network**. They have developed strategic partners to commercialize made-in-Canada 5G technology and applications and are ready to push the boundaries of what a 5G network can bring to life. In partnership with the University of British Columbia, Rogers is working to bring 5G technology to InDro Robotics drones — which would mean allowing the drones to eventually transmit real time footage in high definition.

As 5G technology continues to roll out across Canada, we will see innovations beyond drones, including autonomous vehicles, telesurgery, smart cities and more.

“Investment in leading-edge, resilient wireless solutions is essential to better serving rural, remote and Indigenous communities,” says Rogers Communications B.C. Region President Rick Sellers. “Strong digital infrastructure and this next-generation technology are critical to fuel productivity and innovation and our work with InDro Robotics is a testament to that.”

Learn more about Rogers for Business at or call 778-938-4544.

* Most reliable based on umlaut performance benchmark audit of Canadian mobile networks, June 2020.

** Largest based on total square kilometers of Rogers 5G coverage compared to published coverage of other national networks.

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