Holographyx Expands into Latin America

Victoria, BC – Holografyx, a Victoria based technology company has come to an agreement with two new distributors in Latin America. The distributors are located in Guatemala and Panama and they will introduce Holografyx products in these countries.
Holografyx provides unique new marketing tools like the Showcase 7022 and the Show-case Window. These two devices allow companies to present their products in a unique and visually pleasing way that grabs consumer’s attention. Holografyx uses animations and effects to surround the product and display in an attractive, eye catching manner. 
The showcases are very easy to navigate, they incorporate wifi and run with android OS, which is compatible with virtually any video file.
Holografyx already has existing partnerships and conducts business in North America to a great success, and having distributors in Latin America will allow Holografyx to expand to new markets. In a couple of months the company hopes to expand into Europe, which will allow Holografyx to have a foot in another part of the world and branch their business reach out further.