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The West Shore is Getting Greener



It’s green, the developers are concerned about the environment, and it’s out in… Langford.


Retaining Employees



How many jobs have you had in your lifetime? Do you remember your first day at each of them? What was your experience before you landed the job? Are you still there?


Corporate Storytelling

Sales & Marketing


Building an enduring business reputation by capturing and telling your stories.


Time is Now for Clean Energy Investing



About 50 people recently filled a meeting room at the Laurel Point Inn to learn about investing in the world’s hottest growth industry: clean energy.

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Financial Planning

Best Practices


My partners and I were saddened by the recent and unexpected death of one of our colleagues. It brought home the importance of proper financial planning.


Up, down, and out



New houses are going up at Olympic View, home construction is slowing down slightly in Greater Victoria, and Colwood’s big gravel business is on its way out after more than a century.


Rick Arora



Call him Victoria’s secret.

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