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Gordy Dodd, Dodd's Furniture



You know him as the Hulk, as Superman, as Zorro, as John Wayne, as James Bond (Dodd, Gordy Dodd), and even as Elvis. But there might be things you don’t know about Gordy Dodd, furniture kingpin and star of those delightfully wacky TV ads.


Up, down, and out



New houses are going up at Olympic View, home construction is slowing down slightly in Greater Victoria, and Colwood’s big gravel business is on its way out after more than a century.


Rick Arora



Call him Victoria’s secret.


Why your intranet doesn’t work…



...and how everyone in your company can fix it.

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The Huge Cost of Being Right



The reality is the bottom line when it comes to resolving conflicts and disputes in business.


Clean Power City



As evidence of climate change fallout and energy resource scarcity mounts, the marketplace for sustainable forms of electricity, fuel, and materials booms.


Let’s make it great in 2008



Welcome to the New Year! Hopefully the holiday season didn’t drain your piggy banks because it’s time for your annual financial physical. It’s a useful exercise and it helps to organize your records for the tax man in April.

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