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Chamber Unveils New Brand Identity

Feb 21, 2012

(News Release) VICTORIA — The Ambrosia Conference and Event Centre turned green this morning as Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce members donned T-shirts sporting the organization’s new brand.

“The Chamber” is the new brand identity for the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. The new brand evolved as part of the chamber’s review of programs and services for its members.
“The new identity matches how our members view us," says Bruce Carter, CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. “Everyone attends chamber mixers, chamber events, and joins the chamber when they want to connect with people who get things done. Our brand is a reflection of a dynamic new direction for the organization.“
The chamber’s new brand identity was launched at a Members’ Chamber Week Celebration Breakfast, where members viewed a presentation outlining the many changes in chamber programs which led to the need for a look.
A video explaining the new brand identity can be viewed here.

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