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Are You Ready for the PST Transition?

It’s been more than a year since British Columbians voted out the HST in a referendum. After months of reworking tax laws, the government will make the official transition back to the PST plus GST system on April 1.

Entering the Dragons’ Den

How do you pitch a dragon? The partners of Rumble decided to take a team approach when they auditioned for CBC’s hit television show, Dragons’ Den, this past Saturday in Victoria.


Calling all Visitors


Tourism Victoria is giving British Columbia, Alberta and Washington residents a reason to use a phone booth — other than a lost cell phone.

Get Engaged With the Social Media Awards


Like the changing business environment, the third annual Social Media awards show an evolution in focus, with many of the awards highlighting the work of progressive individuals and businesses across multiple social media platforms and channels.

Reaction To B.C.’s Provincial Budget


Critics of the B.C. Liberals didn’t waste time in labeling the government’s proposed budget as “business unfriendly.”

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President of Camosun Speaks to Future Skills Gap


A looming skills shortage in the labour force could affect the province’s prosperity and quality of life, according to Kathryn Laurin, president of Camosun College.

Good as Gold


The Atrium joins an exclusive club of buildings with LEED Gold certification.

Five Minutes With ... Mayor Dean Fortin


The emerging centre of economic gravity is China, and in October, Mayor Dean Fortin led a 26-person economic and education delegation to visit British Columbia’s second largest trading partner.

Douglas announces Top Influencers of 2012


Discover Vancouver Island’s Top Influencers of 2012 in the newest issue of Douglas magazine.

Luigi the Lovebird is now the official “spokesbird” for IDSS


Earlier this fall, Douglas reported on the success of Luigi the Lovebird and his owner Mary McQueen, who appeared on Dragon’s Den and received investment financing for their greeting card company from David Chilton of Wealthy Barber fame.

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