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Victoria Visionaries- Jack Wise

Apr 17, 2012

Eclectic Gallery, Victoria

Lecture Series with Robert Amos
Jack Wise: Cosmic Calligraphy

Jack Wise, artist, poet, teacher, and long time British Columbia resident, found great solace in the painting process. A deeply spiritual man, he believed in the importance and meaning of individual brushstrokes, imparting to his students a zen-like approach to making art one's own way. He was extremely well read in many subjects including physics, world religions, and Asian art. In 1974, Jack Wise helped found the Victoria College of Art, and at the invitation of Flemming Jorgensen, taught at the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts. “Whenever I’m totally lost in a painting through one hundred percent attention, I don’t exist. I’m just simply not there.”
Advance Registration $20
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