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“I want people to fly me around the world to do their events. I want people saying, ‘Aidan, I’ve heard about you. You threw a party in a spaceship. Who does that?’”

Aidan Henry wants to be known as the guy who threw that amazing party in that venue you never thought you’d set foot in. His company, Brink Events, has hosted parties at Craigdarroch Castle, the English Inn, and the Maritime Museum of British Columbia — and even with an admission price of $75, each one has been a sell-out.

“The reason I do this is that these are events I would go to,” says Henry. “It’s like, c’mon, give me something new — blow my mind, please. You get stuck in this routine of going to the same old restaurants, the same old nightclubs. Throw me some curveballs, know what I mean?”

Henry, 30, grew up in Campbell River and moved to Victoria to pursue a B.Comm at UVic, with a concentration in entrepreneurship. He saw in the capital no suitable nightlife for people between the ages of 25 and 40 — a demographic with money to spend but little desire to indulge in the club scene.

“Clubs are loud and obnoxious, and restaurants don’t allow for much social interaction,” he says. “I wanted to create a new scene for the young professional.”

Brink Events parties occur only once every two months. In the meantime, Henry builds anticipation for the soiree and handles private functions for companies and individuals, which helps him gain experience and credibility. For example, he recently managed VIATeC’s Christmas party at the Bard & Banker pub in downtown Victoria.

Eventually, Henry would like to focus more on staging events for clients rather than throwing his own parties. “That’s where there’s a lot more money to be made, a lot more potential, and smoother revenue streams. But I don’t want to do corporate conferences and serve carved roast beef!”

He also doesn’t want to be known as a caterer. He refers to what he does as “event design … unique social experiences that incorporate all facets — music, food, drink, theme, décor … I want people to come and feel like they’ve stepped into a dream. Like a Hollywood-style event where everything’s taken care of.”

The price of admission is admittedly steep, but it includes food and/or appetizers, two free drinks, and free coat check and shuttle service. And there’s a strict dress code: suits for men, dresses for women. “I want to get to the point where the people who are coming don’t care about the money, they’re coming for the experience,” says Henry.

He also wants to continue to find unique, overlooked venues because he believes his events can help boost their profile. “The appeal to [the venues] is you’re hitting a cross-section of people you wouldn’t regularly attract. You’re making your venue sexier; you’re opening new eyes to the venue.”



Type of business: Event design and management

Year founded: 2011

Owner: Aidan Henry

How many employees: 1

What sets you apart from your competition: “You’re getting nightlife in a venue where you wouldn’t regularly have it. You’re going to places you wouldn’t regularly visit on any given day. But if you make that place the social backdrop for an event, all of a sudden it becomes a lot more interesting.”



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