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David and Jody AdelmanParc Modern Interiors Ltd.


The living room in your condo looked so much more spacious before you bought that giant sofa, right? Well, David and Jody Adelman have the cure for your overstuffed furniture blues.

David Adelman has worked in the furniture trade since he was 13, when he started doing his part for the family business in Winnipeg. In that time, he’s taken on just about every role you can imagine, from delivery truck driver to head buyer. But he’s relishing the chance to go out on his own with Parc Modern Interiors in downtown Victoria.

David, 52, owns and runs the boutique furniture store along with his wife of 30 years, Jody, 51. Parc Modern has proven to be a popular destination for owners of condos and Victorian-era homes with smaller rooms, thanks to its focus on compact, multifunction, yet high-quality furnishings for living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.

Growth has been so robust — over 30 per cent — that the Adelmans are eyeing a location with more space where they can showcase a wider range of furniture and home accessories. They’re also looking to hire staff in the near future — right now, it’s just the two of them.

“We started out as predominantly a niche store specializing in living room furniture,” says David. “But people were saying they wanted bedroom and dining room furniture — basically, ‘Can you do our whole house?’ So now we carry bedrooms; we carry dining rooms; we have a full-service store. But we’d love to be able to show more selection.”

The business does seem poised for a breakout year following a soft opening in autumn 2010 and a relatively low-key 2011. David says that’s due in no small part to the power of word-of-mouth advertising.

“So many referrals are coming in the door. To me, that’s a sign of success — when people are saying, ‘Hey, you gotta go check out this place if you’re looking for a bed or sofa.’ People get excited, they come in, and they say, ‘Yeah, this place is cool.’ The gratification that comes from that is wonderful. When you get people coming in from referrals, that, to me, is key.”

And the term “modern” in the name of the business is no coincidence. It’s not only a reflection of the product, but of the Adelmans’ personal tastes. David says he spent a long time buying and selling furnishings he didn’t necessarily like, and now he finally gets to showcase his sense of style.

“You have to be very careful when you’re a head buyer for a furniture company,” he says. “You really have to know who you’re buying for, and take the emotion out of it. But this is what I love to do. I love ‘modern.’”



Type of business: Modern home furnishings

Year founded: 2010

Owners: David and Jody Adelman

How many employees: 2

What sets you apart from your competition: With the home changing over the past 10 years as real estate has gotten so expensive, property values are going up and building sizes are going down. So we’re focusing on smaller-scale, multifunction products. To be successful, you have to be specific and go after a certain demographic.



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