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Jeff Crowe, Torben Werner, Logan Volkers, Will FraserYUPIQ


Sure, it’s great to have zillions of ‘fans’ on Facebook, but are they the right ones? YUPIQ can help your business figure that out — and then reap the rewards.

You’ll have heard of Jann Arden, but it’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of YUPIQ. Yet YUPIQ is the company Arden uses to help promote her music and books.

“We wouldn’t have it any other way,” says Will Fraser, CEO of YUPIQ.

YUPIQ is an online service that provides tools for businesses, or entertainers for that matter, to expand their social media reach and impact to specially targeted customers or friends.

“Our goal is anonymity, but we provide the platform for business to connect with those they directly want to reach,” says Fraser. “Our pitch is pretty simple: we ask potential customers if they want to achieve something with social media.”

YUPIQ helps companies monitor, promote, and analyze their social media tools to drive sales.

“Social media is great,” says Fraser, “but it should be targeted to people that actually have an interest in your product or service.”

YUPIQ works on the premise that referrals from friends, or social credit, as Fraser terms it, is the most effective marketing tool.

In the Jann Arden project, YUPIQ worked behind the scenes using Arden’s social media contacts and fans, providing them with incentives for referring Arden’s newly released book.

“Friend-to-friend recommendations are the best advertising you can have, and by adding incentives, if they refer their friend and contacts, you can drive a great deal of interest to a client, and turn a fan base into loyal customers and advocates,” says Fraser.

YUPIQ is a graduate of the Alacrity Foundation, whose stated goal is “turning engineering and business students and recent graduates into entrepreneurs.” Alacrity is funded by Wesley Clover, an investment firm headed by Terry Mathews, founder of Mitel and other iconic Canadian technology firms.

“Wesley Clover invested in us and having that kind of experience and mentoring available has made our growth path so much easier,” Fraser says.

In case you’re wondering what YUPIQ means, it’s “nothing really,” says Fraser.

“We just wanted a unique and simple name that also had a dot-com available.”



Type of business: Social media solutions provider

Year founded: 2011

Will Fraser, Logan Volkers, Jeff Crowe, Torben Werner

How many employees: 8

What sets you apart from your competition: YUPIQ is working on the cutting edge of social media tools. We provide unique ways for companies to directly increase revenue through social media by finding new customers and engaging existing ones.



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